A bioarchaeological approach for personal identification based on human handprint from the village of Ploski, Southwest Bulgaria

  • Borislava Galabova Laboratory for Human Bioarchaeology TRAKE NGO, Bulgaria, 1202 Sofia, 42 George Washington str.
Keywords: Handprint, physical anthropology, bioarchaeology, age determination, sex assessment, brick, Revival period


The discovery of imprints of human hands and feet in various archaeological sites and on materials is extremely rare. Even rarer are the studies of these traces for personal identification. The current article concerns the analysis of a human handprint on a brick, unearthed in a tile kiln, excavated during 2017. The main goal is not only to establish the age and sex of the person left his mark but to pay particular attention to the possibilities of these type of anthropological investigations in the research of the ancient man. The handprint belongs to the right hand. It is preserved partly from second to fifth fingers. The values of the imprint gives us reason to assume that the hand on the brick from the village of Ploski belongs to a child aged between 6 and 7 (Infans I/Infans II), most probably a boy (?).

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