Реликвиар от Възраждането във фонда на Националния археологически институт с музей

Reliquary from the Revival Period from the depot of NIAM – BAS

  • Bisera TOMOVA National Institute of Archaeology with Museum – Bulgarian Academy of Sciences


The depot of NIAM – BAS houses a silver reliquary box decorated with the image of St. George on horseback and a six-pointed star (Inv. N 4500). It is shaped as a parallelepiped made by casting. Its measures are as following: 4,5 cm in length; 3,4 cm in width; 0,9 cm in thickness; and 33.35 grams in weight. There is no information about its provenance. The opening of the box is at the top, set up horizontally. It was closed by a groove. The cover and one of the pendants have not survived.
Five rings are soldered on the narrow side holding on chains four Turkish coins of Sultans Mahmud I (1730-1754) minted in Constantinie; Mustafa III (1757 – 1774) – 2 coins, one struck in Egypt and the other one – in Istanbul; and Abdul Hamid I (1774 – 1789) struck in Constantinie.
A piece of cloth or cotton soaked in chrism was put in the opening of the reliquary. Most likely, they were wearing the box fastened on a robe or belt. Judging by its shape and workmanship, as well as by the Turkish coins, it may be dating from the late 18th – early 19th c.

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