Част от колективна находка с електронови скифати на византийския император Исак II Aнгел (1185 – 1195), от фонда на НИМ – София

Part of a hoard containing electron scyphati of the Byzantine Emperor Isaac II Angelus (1185-1195) from the depot of NMH – Sofia

  • Vladimir Penchev National Museum of History – Sofia


In 1978 a small hoard containing Byzantine electron scyphati from the 12th c. was found unknown where on the territory of Blagoevgrad region. Quickly it was sold out to collectors of coins in Sofia thus finally it was scattered and the information about it irretrievably lost to science. Only two coins of it were purchased for the depot of the National Museum of History – Sofia. They are electron scyphati of Emperor Isaac II Angelus (1185-1195) belonging to variant A and variant B respectively. The coins entered the main depot of Numismatics and Sphragistics Collection of NMH – Sofia under Inv. NN 1818 and 21209.

It is clear that both coins do not bear any traces of abrasion due to a longer participation in coin circulation. This circumstance gives us grounds to suggest they have been buried in the ground soon after they were struck, that is the hoard they belonged to was concealed at a certain moment during the reign of Isaac II Angelus.

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