Моливдовул на Анастасий, комеркиарий на темата Халдия (IХ в.), намерен в Созопол

Molybdobulla of Anastasius Comerciarius of Theme of Chaldia (9th c.) found in Sozopol

  • Vladimir Penchev National Museum of History – Sofia


In 2015 an interesting sphragistic piece was found during excavation works in the centre of the old town of Sozopol along the Bulgarian Black Sea coast. It was purchased by the National Museum of History – Sofia. The obverse of the seal bears an evocative monogram, and the reverse – a four-line legend in Greek. In an unfolded form and translated, the legend on both sides of the molybdobulla reads: Lord protect Anastasius Comerciarius of Theme of Chaldia.

According to its paleographic features the molybdobulla can be dated from the 9th c. We do not know another seal to have been published in the name of Anastasius Comerciarius of Theme of Chaldia as well as any molybdobulla of a Comerciarius of Theme of Chaldia coming from the territory of today’s Bulgaria.

The Theme of Chaldia was located in Asia Minor, along the Eastern coast of the Black Sea. Probably it was established exactly in the 9th c. Its centre was the important port city of Trebizond. Beyond any doubt the Comerciaria of Chaldia was in Trebizond. Probably from that harbour the boat departed to Sozopol transporting goods accompanied by a document attached with the molybdobulla here discussed. Also possibly the seal was hanging on a pack containing goods sealed through it.

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