Печат на цар Петър от разкопките на обект „Улица“ в Преслав

Seal of Tsar Peter from the excavations at Ulitsa Site in Preslav

  • Zhivko Aladzhov Department of Medieval Archaeology, National Institute of Archaeology with Museum, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, 2 Saborna Str., 1000 Sofia


Several seals have been found during excavations at Ulitsa Site south of the Patriarchy’s complex in the capital city of Preslav. One of them belongs to Tsar Peter with his wife Maria – Peter and Maria pious Basileis (940s – 950s). The molybdobulla is relating to the most numerous group (88 pieces) of the same monarch. The publication of the seal in question discovered in the course of regular archaeological research is important as only 9% of all pieces known so far come from archaeological excavations; the rest of them in the museum depots in Bulgaria have been acquired through purchases, from auctions, private collections, etc. The great number of Tsar Peter’s seal puts forward many questions and researchers should look for their answers in the home political situation in Bulgaria during the years of his reign.


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