Посветителен надпис, намерен близо до с. Бресте, плевенско

Dedicative inscription found in region of the Breste village, pleven region

  • Krassimira Karadimitrova National Institute of Archaeology with Museum – Bulgarian Academy of Sciences


In 2016, the lower sector of a dedicative ara was discovered during a terrain survey in the land of Breste village, Pleven region and entered the Stone Monuments Depot of NIAM – BAS under Inv. N K 8537.
The ara is made of white fine-grain marble without inclusions; its upper sector is broken as well as a large fragment of its left half, fragments of its lower surface and large sections from its back. In its current state, it is 33,50 cm high, the same in width and 21 cm thick, with calcite deposits all over the preserved rear surface.
The inscription field is not completely saved. Sections of the side edges are broken so affecting the inscription. In its present state the field is 15,5 cm high and 24 cm wide. It bears a carved Latin inscription in three lines, without being bounded by a frame and without the lines themselves being completely horizontal. The height of the letters varies from 2 to 3 cm.
The inscription reads:

(in)vict(o) • v(otum) m(erito)
p(osuit) • pro • salute
sua • Sise • Mucasi…

The names of the dedicator are Thracian and relatively rare. The personal name Sise(s) does not appear for the first time in inscriptions. In the form of Zises, the name has been attested in the epitaph of Zises Mucazenis found in Breste (the territory of Oescus) (ILBulg 176), dating from AD 2nd c. It is generally accepted that it is the simplified version of Zizis, the latter unprecedented so far.
The patronimicon could be completed to Mucasius, a cognomen which appears very rarely and up to now the examples come only from an inscription from Rome (CIL 06.02390b) dating from the period of 231 – 270 or Musis.
The monument is dating from the second half of the 3rd – early 4th c. on the grounds of the paleographic data and is a valuable testimony to the prosopography of the age.

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