Interiors of Neolithic houses at Drenovac

  • Slaviša Perić Institute of Archaeology, Serbia
  • Olga Bajčev Institute of Archaeology, Serbia
Keywords: Central Balkans, Late Neolithic, Drenovac, houses, internal organization, two-story houses


This paper presents new results on the research of Late Neolithic houses at the site of Drenovac near Paraćin, central Serbia. We discuss remains of five houses with different degrees of preservation, which directly influenced obtained data and possibilities for interpretation. The extensive excavations enabled the investigation of two houses in their entirety that offered valuable information about the internal organization of space, installations and movable finds. One of the most important results was the identification of two-story structures.

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Perić, S., & Bajčev, O. (2021). Interiors of Neolithic houses at Drenovac. Studia Praehistorica, 15, 123-147.